What will this blog be about?

In the previous blog post I told you why I decided to start blogging about. Now I'd like to point out what's in it for you.

There are many blogs on the topic of photography. Many focus on technical aspects, some on creativity, but only very few on the process of transitioning into a photographic career.

This is precisely the process I am in. I quit my job in healthcare consulting to transition into a photographic career. I consider this to be the most important decision in my life. With this blog I want to share my ideas and experiences in the process, especially regarding three fields: Technology, art and business.


In my work, I employ a large variety of thechniques and technology from analog to digital. I would like to share this broad knowledge with you.
In the realm of analog i will focus on large format cameras and darkroom techniques, as well as hybrid techniques using Hasselblad/Imacon scanner and software.
I am a Certified Phase One Professional, so I would like to give a brief introduction to Phase One medium format cameras. Capture One is the piece of software I will focus on for digital photography. For video editing I recently made the switch from Final Cut Pro X to Blackmagic'S DaVinci Resolve 12. I will share my workflow and will focus on the editing aspect of Resolve 12.


I draw a lot of inspiration from art, both inside and outside the field of photography. I will share artists I am inspired by, as well as books and exhibitions.
I will explore what inspires me about the artists' work, their specific approach and the context it was made in. In terms of genre i will focus on finde art and documentary photography and videography.
As a great lover of books I want to share some new and/or favourite books of mine. This is especially interesting to me as the process of making a photographic book myself is high on my agenda.


For a transition into a photographic life, the business part definitely is the most critical. My background in consulting gives me a very structured approach. In consulting we like to use frameworks, many of which are applicable to the photography process too. I will talk about the frameworks I use and how I apply them.I will share frameworks for market analysis, general goal setting and project planning from my consulting background, adapting them to photography.
Market analysis, i.e. identifying the market niche you want to target may be the single most important step in the process. It will define the whole further approach to business.
Goal setting is crutial for monitoring your progress in serving your target market. It enables you to make the necessary adjustments along the way.
Project planning deals with tools that can be used for both the management of individual projects for clients and personal projects. Propper project management will both give the client a professional impression and reduce stress for the photographer especially for large and complex projects.