3 Reasons Why I Decided to Start a Photography Blog

I am in a period of transition from healthcare consulting to making a life as a photographer/videographer. Coming from a consulting background, I always strive for an structured approach to problems. As a cosultant, analysing problems, developing solutions and presenting them to executives is our daily business. Now I'm working alone, and while I do have an audience for my final product (photography)through my website, exhibitions and so on I don't have an audience for my process.Starting this blog will change this for three reasons:

Make my goals both realistic and specific

If I write down my goals they somehow become more of a reality, plus I have to be very clear on what my goals are. To make sure I my goals for my photography fit into my overall life plan I used Michael Hyatt's "Life plan" approach, which I will talk more about in a future post.

Help me pull through

If you want to talk to other people about your ideas they have to be thought through till the end.
Telling my readers about my goals will puts pressure on me to pull through.

Start a conversation with likeminded people

On my blog people can comment to share their ideas and impressions. Other blogs can pick up posts and detail their positions and approaches. And by sharing on twitter and facebook people can comment and reply easily.

So, what do you think? Has starting to blog helped you in achieving your goals?